Here’s Why Giving out Loans or Money Lending to Cameroonians Will Make You Rich:

  • The procedure and conditions of getting loans or credit from the few financial institutions in Cameroon is very difficult and most limited to individuals who work in the formal sector, meanwhile just about ten percent (10%) of the population work in the formal sector, the rest work in the private sector and a great percentage of the population is made up of self-reliant individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • The difficult conditions of getting a loans do not only vary from one credit institution to another, but they also contrast from one form of loan to another,  this renders getting credit/loans extremely paradoxical for many Cameroonians.
  • There is very limited access to credit/loans, particularly for an average Cameroonian, all of which lead to a low rate of investment and growth (less than 4%) over the past years.


This is highly detrimental to entrepreneurs, businesses and economic growth for an economy that envisages emergence by 2035.

The challenges women face in accessing credit/loans are even more numerous. Such challenges are not only related to the laws and conditions governing credit facilities, but also to the socio-economic milieu in which they function. This milieu reflects issues such as:

  • The discriminatory regulations,
  • The scarcity of employment in the formal sector etc.

 So there are so many responsible and trust wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs and business in our list who are in need of credit/loans  to create, expand ,boost their businesses  or promote a certain talent in Cameroon.

However, the few creditors or money lenders with a little faire conditions are making massive profits in the business.

Recently, a major telecommunication company in the country (MTN Cameroon) logo introduced a loan service in their system and its working very well.

Here’s The Great Business Opportunity For You!

Get rich by loaning money to trusted individuals and businesses in Cameroon.

Don’t be left out! Let your money work for you and let the “children of your money work for you while you sleep” the richest man in Babylon.

Money lending is a very safe multiplier of money, but it can also be very disastrous when entrusted in the hands of incompetent friends or family members. Always use project and investment bodies like boundless invest.

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