Portable water

Cameroon is facing a profound challenge to access sustainable and affordable portable water It is aching to know that foreign aid through NGOS and GOVERNMENT efforts have not been able to provide a lasting solution to the water crises in many communities in Cameroon.

Stable portable water is most needed everywhere in Cameroon!


  • Bottle water is expensive and unaffordable by the average masses,
  • Pipe born water is unstable, not safe to drink and come with exorbitant bills.
  • Factories, schools, hospitals, agriculture, student residential areas and every day to day activity in Cameroon is suffering water crises in one way or the other.

The portable water sector in Cameroon is therefore a fertile business and investment ground,

Providing a sustainable solution to the water crises of individuals, school and student areas, companies, agriculture etc is a highly profitable business.

We have it all figured out! Let you money make more money for you,

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Having worked with NGOS, individuals and government institutions for about five years today, we have a mastery of the sector and how to reap profits from providing sustainable portable water solutions to the crises for many individuals and communities.

A water project can be very cost effective and a very good multiplier of money and satisfaction, but it can also be very disastrous when entrusted in the hands of incompetent friends or family members. Always use project and investment bodies like boundless invest.

Thus, consult with us, invest through us and make good money by providing sustainable solutions to water crises in Cameroon. We use renewable energy resources and technologies to provide sustainable portable water solutions nationwide and internationally by:

  • Construction and rehabilitation of water catchments
  • construction and rehabilitation of boreholes,
  • Construction and transformation of wells,
  • Installation of water treatment systems.

Contact us for personal, business or community sustainable water projects in Cameroon.

We are skilled in using renewable energy resources and technologies to ameliorate water crises.

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Invest with us today in Cameroon and enjoy the boundless profits from any little investment you make in any of the lucrative investment sectors mentioned here.

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