A great percentage of Cameroon still does not have access to reliable and affordable electricity.

It is no news that Cameroon has one the highest and still increasing electricity tariffs in the world but a very poor and unreliable nature of electricity supply. Reliable and affordable electricity is most wanted in Cameroon by individuals, companies, hospitals, schools, businesses, agriculture etc..

The existing electrical infrastructure is outdated, the country is growing and the demand for electricity is growing exponentially but the infrastructure in place is not able to provide reliable and affordable electricity supply to the citizens. Rural and remote communities are highly affected by the electricity crises.

The united nation sustainable development goal s SDG7 calls for affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Government efforts and foreign aid have not been able to meet SDG7 for many in Cameroon.


Using solar energy to +provide a reliable and affordable solution to the electrical crises of individuals, companies and communities in Cameroon is a huge and highly profitable business.

After executing  many solar energy projects for organizations  and individuals in Cameroon, we have a mastery of the solar energy sector in Cameroon and the huge opportunities and profits there in. our team is dedicated to fishing out most profitable electrical problems of the people and linking them up to reliable solution providers (investors). Grab the opportunity today and make good money in Cameroon by using solar energy provide reliable solutions to the many electrical problems in Cameroon.

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A solar project can very cost effective and a very good multiplier of money and satisfaction, but it can also be very disastrous when entrusted in the hands of incompetent friends or family members. Always use project and investment bodies like boundless invest.

Thinking of stable and affordable electricity for personal use, business or investment in the energy sector in Cameroon?  Consult with us, come onboard our strategic investment vehicle, let’s invest and do business together in Cameroon.

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