The housing situation in Cameroon is still very poor and lagging.

There is a great residential and commercial house need in Cameroon as the population is fast growing. The need of affordable housing is a call for concern in Cameroon. Each year, there is an estimated housing deficit of about 100,000 house units.

There are many visible indicators that the real estate market  in Cameroon is gradually taking off and will explode in certain regions of the country in the nearest years .Cameroon is about to experience a rapid growth in many dimensions.

Thus, at boundless invest, we study and identify strategic  locations and various types of real estate properties  to catch the present and upcoming real estate market boom in Cameroon. We focus on residential, commercial structures and landed properties emphasizing on quality, innovation, profit and sustainability.

Our understanding of the real estate market in Cameroon, structural design, material science, side and material management is enough to give investors/clients a cost effective and most profitable real estate investment deals in Cameroon. We study, design and execute standard, luxurious and cost effective projects in the areas of:

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Real estate is very safe store and multiplier of money, but it can also be very disastrous when entrusted in the hands of incompetent friends or family members. Always use project and investment bodies like boundless invest.

 Our Premium designs, quality and speed of executing projects at an effective cost bring fast profits and all the satisfaction from a little investment made with us.

The great investment opportunity for you today is:

Cameroon is in need of housing facilities today tomorrow and in future,

Make yourself rich by taking a decision today to invest in Cameroon.

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